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Spring Habitat Restoration

5-21-15 Art in the Park: Nature Journaling

5-23-15 Telescopes 101

5-23-15 Vernal Pools

5-31-15 Hiking for Ice Cream

6-1 & 6-2-15 Peter Rabbit Tea

6-3-15 Family Nature Movie Night: Flowers

6-3-15 Eye on the Target with Archery: Session 1

6-4-15 Art in the Park: Plein Air Gatherings

6-6-15 Nature Games

6-9 - 6-12-15 Budding Historian Camp: McKinnis House in the Litzenberg Woods

6-9-15 Learn to Play Disc Golf

6-10-15 Family Nature Movie Night: Bear Cubs in the Wild

6-12-15 Family Fun Camping Night

6-13-15 Kids in the Park: Fishing

6-13-15 "Doc" Phillips Discovery Center Open House

6-14-15 Jam Making at the McKinnis House

6-15 - 6-19-15 Junior Recreation Camp: Checking into the Outdoors

6-16-15 Senior Stroll: Blue Birds & Giertz Lake

6-17-15 Family Nature Movie Night: Ocean Life

6-18-15 Fishing Fun for Kids

6-18-15 Art in the Park: Nature Journaling 

6-20-15 Art in the Park: Plein Air Paint-Out 

6-20-15 Build Fairy Houses

6-22 - 6-26-15 Junior Naturalist Camp: Digging Into Nature

6-24-15 Family Nature Movie Night: Flamingo's

6-27-15 "Doc" Phillips Discovery Center Open House

6-27-15 Riverbend Stableford Disc Tournament

6-28-15 Animal Habitats: Open House

6-29-15 Wee Ones: Over in the Forest

6-29-15 Junior Survival Challenge

6-30-15 Senior Survival Challenge



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 The Mission of the Hancock Park District is create, preserve, protect and manage a system of parks, nature preserves, and outdoor recreational facilities to be held in public ownership with a focus on local, natural, historical and cultural resources and maintained for the leisure use and enjoyment of this and future generations. 

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