Hancock Parks History

1970 – 1979

A park district is born - With the support of Hancock County voters, a park district is created. Tim Brugeman is appointed the first park district planning director and planning is underway.

1970's Timeline First Hancock Park District Board 1833 Historic Hancock County Courthouse building
Tim Brugeman first HPD Planning Director Mike Oxley ribbon cutting ceremony Riverbend Recreation Shelter #3 Construction


1980 – 1989

Progress continues - Voters looked to the 80's with anticipation as the newly created park district provided recreational opportunities including hiking trails, winter sports, canoeing activities, bikeways and “special” places to visit close to home.

 – 1980's Timeline Giertz Lake construction at Riverbend Oakwoods Nature Preserve Trail development
Heritage Trail along the Blanchard River in Findlay LMW HPD planning visit LMW Trail Development


1990 – 1999

Continued growth - A decade of park growth builds new facilities and parks including the “Doc” Phillips Discovery Center at Oakwoods Nature Preserve, and Litzenberg Memorial Woods on the west side of Hancock County.

1990's Timeline "Doc" Phillips Discovery Center groundbreaking Discovery Center at Oakwoods Nature Preserve
Hancock Friends of the Parks Litzenberg historic farm park development Litzenberg Activity Barn



2000 – 2009

Change begins - The new century begins with major changes as parks are maintained and new facilities are constructed within the parks system, and HPD director Tim Brugeman retires.

2000's Timeline Brugeman Bridge dedicated HPD Headquarters at 1424 E. Main Cross
 Bicentennial Barn Raising Brugeman Lodge Meadows at Riverbend 1895 Historic Bridge relocated to Riverbend


2010 - 2012

Moving forward - The Hancock Park District moves forward under the direction of its new Director, Gary Pruitt,


                      -2010 Timeline -                   





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