Facility Reservations


Facility reservations are taken at HPD Headquarters after payment has been received, either in person or through the mail.  Facilities may be reserved up to one year in advance, first come, first serve; however, HPD events do take precedence. Use the FACILITIES INFORMATION RATE CARD (effective January 1, 2012) for further information. Download the FACILITIES SCHEDULE for a complete listing of facilities, capacities, fees and deposits. Facility availability information can be obtained over the phone. No reservations can be made and confirmed until fees are received. 

Mailing your reservation? Please use the ACTIVITY RESERVATION FORM to provide us with required information and send back along with your fee.   After receiving your request, a confirmation will be sent back to confirm your reservation. 

Check out the Power Point presentation on the right side to view our reservable facilities.

All outdoor shelters can be reserved, or claimed first come, first served if not rented.  Reservations for outdoor shelters are posted daily by HPD staff to notify visitors of rentals.

FEES: HPD accepts checks (preferred) and money orders, made payable to Hancock Park District, or cash in the exact amount.  No change is provided.  All fees are paid when facility reservations are made. HPD no longer accepts any bills larger than $20 denomination for facility reservations, program fees, and concession fees (ski rentals, boat rentals, and hay rides).

NO EARLY ENTRY:  Reservations are ONLY good for the date(s) reserved and indicated on the Reservation Form for all facilities. There is NO EARLY ENTRY. If you need to set up the day before you need to rent the facility.  Please plan accordingly.

CONTRACT AGREEMENTS: are required for the Litzenberg Memorial Woods Activity Barn and Riverbend Recreation Area Brugeman Lodge at the same time your reservation fee is paid.

(effective July 24, 2013)
 LODGE CONTRACT AGREEMENT (effective July 24, 2013)   

SECURITY DEPOSITS/KEYS:  Security Deposits are required for all locked facilities and payable when the renter picks up the key at the HPD office during normal business hours (M-F, 8 AM - 4:30 PM). Security deposits are returned to the renter when keys are returned to the HPD office, within one week of reservation, facility left sanitary and/or unlittered, no damages or violations of rules and regulations reported and no hardship has been caused to other visitors and/or staff.  If a forfeiture of the security deposit is warranted, the renter will be contacted ASAP.  

CHECKLIST: At the time keys are secured, a detailed cleaning checklist will be provided to insure proper clean-up.  Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter.


BRUGEMAN LODGE & LITZENBURG ACTIVITY BARN - A cancellation notice must be made in writing. A cancellation received more than six months prior to the event date is subject to a full refund or it can be rescheduled one time within a year from the original reservation date. A cancellation notice received less than six months prior to the event date is subject to a full refund only when the date has been reserved by another paying customer with no opportunity to reschedule. All refunds are subject to a $30 processing fee.

WATERFALLS  PAVILION, LAKEFRONT ACTIVITY CENTER, AND PICNIC SHELTERS - A cancellation must be made in writing. The event can be rescheduled one time within a year from the original reservation date. No refunds.

RIVERBEND CAMPGROUND - A cancellation must be made in writing. The facility can be rescheduled one time within a year from the original reservation date. No refund for individual camping sites.

If a group or special event requests a cancellation in writing, they can reschedule one time within a year of the original reservation date or a full refund will be issued. All refunds are subject to a $30 processing fee.


  • Brugeman Lodge at Riverbend:  9250 Township Road 208, Findlay, OH 45840
    Brugeman Lodge is a multi-purpose, year round building with seating capacity for up to 240 with large assembly room and catering kitchen (microwaves, freezer, refrigerator, sinks).  Keys are required and must be picked up at the HPD office during regular business hours.
    Reservation Fee: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & holidays - $500 
    Monday - Thursday - $250                     
    Non-profits rate Monday - Thursday - $100                     
    Security Deposit - $200 (required for ALL renters)

    Interested in viewing the inside of Brugeman Lodge at Riverbend?  Bring your tape measure, notepad, camera or video recorder to record your findings.  The last Monday of each month, 6:00-8:00 PM, a Service Ranger will be available at the Lodge to allow any interested person(s) to view, inspect and ask questions regarding the facility.

              Possible room arrangements: Layout 1, Layout 2, Layout 3






Brugeman Lodge at Riverbend can seat up to 240 guests


  • Litzenberg Activity Barn:  6100 US 224, Findlay, OH 45840
    The activity barn is a re-built barn with a seating capacity of up to 99, with an attached kitchen (microwave, refrigerator/freezer, sinks) and restrooms.  The facility has no heat or air conditioning.  It is an actual barn. 




    Rental Fee  - $150
    Security Deposit - $50



  • Outdoor Shelters (Riverbend & Litzenberg):  outdoor shelters available at Riverbend Recreation Area (8 shelters), and Litzenberg Memorial Woods (1 shelter). At Riverbend, two outdoor shelters (shelters 1 & 3) are completely enclosed and others have partial enclosures to help with weather elements. Shelter 1 does not have a heat source, but shelter 3 has a wood burning fireplace (renters must provide their own wood). Check out the Power Point presentation for Outdoor Shelters on the right side to view Shelters. All outdoor shelters have multiple electrical outlets, picnic tables and trash containers. All outdoor shelters at Riverbend and Litzenberg rent for $40.  An additional outdoor shelter is located at Riverside Park.  Read below for further details.


  • Shelter 3 (Riverbend) - Shelter 3 is completely enclosed. Shelter 3 has a wood burning fireplace and doubles as HPD's Raccoon Run Winter Sports Concession, December - early March, during good snow conditions for pubic cross-country skiing and snow shoeing rentals.  During this time, public rentals are not available. However, if not in use by HPD for winter sports activities the facility can be used on a first come, first served basis.  Renters must provide their own firewood. Rental fee for Shelter 3 is set at $40. 
  • Waterfalls Pavilion (Riverside Park) - Partial enclosure on one wall with wood burning fireplace.  Renters need to provide their own firewood. The facility overlooks the Riverside Dam for a scenic view.  The Waterfalls Pavilion rents for $50.
  • Other Shelters at Riverside Park - Reservations for other outdoor shelters re taken through the City of Findlay Recreation Department, located at The Cube - 419-424-7176. 
  • Community Facilities: A variety of other reservable facilities are available throughout Hancock County  village parks, cities of Findlay and Fostoria and other non-profit organizations.  View of listing of other available facilities.
    Contact Us: Hancock Park District Headquarters located at 1424 East Main Cross Street, Findlay or call 419-425-7275 for additional information about HPD facilities or information regarding other rental facilities in Findlay, Fostoria and 10 village parks in Hancock County.




Lodge at Riverbend 

If you need or desire to check out any other HPD facility,  call the HPD office at 419-425-7275, Monday through Friday, 8am - 4:30pm, for further information on making arrangements to get inside any other locked structure.  View our reservable facilities on the right side of the page for a quick look.

1424 East Main Cross Street
Findlay, OH 45840

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